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You have reached NFL Shop UK the #1 online specialist NFL store in all aspects of NFL jerseys, Clothing & NFL merchandise UK wide, straight from the states to your door.

NFL jerseys & clothing are not often widely available in retail outlets & shops in the UK & the rest of Europe. This is because all 32 teams are based in the USA and the majority of the fan base is there, this can be infuriating as an NFL fan living in the UK especially as the game has grown so big in the UK in recent years. The NFL is even planning a team in London because of this fan base yet general retail stores do not offer NFL jerseys UK or other NFL merchandise UK.

NFL Merchandise UK – Jerseys, Clothing & More!

As an official retailer of sporting goods, we offer the biggest range of  American Football products & NFL merchandise UK wide. We stock men’s, women’s and youth Nike NFL jerseys, men’s t-shirts & clothing, women’s t-shirts & clothing and headwear for all 32 NFL teams.

All the products in NFL Shop UK are categorized by the team and then in the 6 categories mentioned to make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. We have also made it very easy to search for items such as hats or customized jerseys for every team from the top links of the website. As we believe some customers in the UK are not huge fans but just love to buy NFL clothing.

Our range of NFL merchandise is the largest in the UK and is updated weekly, to ensure we always offer the latest fashions and new arrivals from all 32 teams of the NFL. We have sourced products from all over the USA to include specialty items, souvenirs and vintage throwback jerseys making NFL Shop UK, the #1 NFL Store online.

NFL Jerseys UK

American football jerseys made for the NFL have constantly improved over the years and are now produced by Nike, after being produced by Reebok for over a decade. Nike NFL jerseys are made to be more durable and more fitting. The range of Nike jerseys are separated in 3 styles: game, limited and elite each varying in quality to be more like the on field player. Every team in the NFL have merchandise created by one sporting brand for the whole league, unlike European football leagues where each team decides the sporting brand to individually make the team uniforms.


NFL Sporting History

American football is a game with great sporting history , the NFL has been around since 1920, over the years it has merged with other leagues to be the dominant American football league in the world. Each year the regular season is rounded up to the AFC & NFC Championship final games, once they are played and the AFC & NFC championship 

winner has taken the glory both teams then face each other in the season finale of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the biggest event in the NFL calendar and encompasses most of american life with it, some even arguing the Super Bowl should now be a National Holiday. The NFL has created some of the world’s greatest athletes and finest sporting moments. We like to help to help keep those memories alive by offering vintage throwback jerseys of legendary players such as Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Russ Grimm & many more in our Mitchell & Ness Throwback Jerseys Category with in NFL Store.

NFL Growth in the UK

The NFL has been steadily growing for several decades in the UK, in the 90’s games were shown in the evening on the BBC which created a fanbase which has only gotten bigger and louder since 2007 when the NFL decided to host its first International Series game in London. The Super Bowl is now an event in annual british calendar where many bars and pubs open late to show the game. The fanbase has grown at an unprecedented rate and there are now talks of having a London-based NFL team. As a company, NFL Shop UK have operated for over a decade offering NFL Jerseys & NFL merchandise UK wide.