The 10 Best NFL Retro Jerseys Every Fan Needs

The 10 Best NFL Retro Jerseys Every Fan Needs

The 10 Best NFL Retro Jerseys

NFL retro jerseys are worn by teams as a tribute to former players and fans that have supported them throughout the years. Here are our picks for the 10 best!

It can be hard to decide which NFL retro jerseys you should buy.

You might have just started to watch American football or became a supporter over 20 years ago when games were airing on the BBC.

Whether you want to support a great era for your team or raise your level of style, you might want to get your hands on an amazing NFL retro jersey.

Which jersey should you buy?

Keep reading for the top 10 retro jerseys from the NFL.

What Makes a Retro Jersey Good or Bad?

A good or bad retro jersey is completely subjective. The first thing that makes a retro jersey good is the timelessness of the design. The second thing is how was the team at the time? Were they one of the all-time great NFL Teams or were they notoriously bad?

The good thing about retro jerseys is that they are much simpler to have than trying to keep track of endless uniform combinations. For example, in the college game, the University of Oregon had as many as 51 jerseys and 783,000 uniform combinations.

Plus, you have to admit that there are some jerseys that are so unusual they’re appealing.

We took all of these into account to create our list of the top retro jerseys.

The Top 10 NFL Retro Jerseys

It’s been 10 years since the NFL played its first game in London. Since then, support for American football has only grown. You can show off your appreciation for the game with one of these jerseys and get ready for the next London Games.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1976-1996

Before they were red and black, they were orange, red, and white. And they were horrible. Not the uniforms, but rather the team.

They did make history wearing these uniforms, going 0-14 in 1976 and 0-12 in 1977. The 26 straight losses remains a record.

Many people have a love-hate relationship with the creamsicle red, orange and white look. It could conjure up memories of the team’s dismal performances during this time, or the helmets that featured Bucco Bruce with a sword in his mouth.

The team wore them in the 2012 season, which prompted the NFL to create a rule saying that teams can only wear one helmet for the entire season.

2. New York Jets 1959

The New York Jets brought back the “Titans of New York” jerseys in the 2008 and the 2011 seasons. These were originally worn by the Titans of New York in 1959, which played in the American Football League. It was the Titans’ first year in the league. The Titans name was changed to the Jets three seasons later.

Hall of Famer Brett Favre was at the tail-end of his career and the Jets’ quarterback at the time.

These stunning jerseys might be more memorable than Favre’s tenure with the team. These jerseys feature gold numbers and gold and white stripes on a blue jersey.

3. New England Patriots

The Patriots wore these striking red jerseys from 1961-1992. The design screams American patriot with the red white and blue uniforms. The helmets during this era featured Pat the Patriot getting ready to snap a football.

The uniforms remained the same through good times and bad. During this time, the team made it to the Super Bowl in 1985 and went through multiple ownership changed.

4. Chicago Bears 1940’s

The navy blue and orange look is inspired by the club’s 1940 team that went 8-3. The team went on to make history in the NFL championship game with a massive 73-0 win over the Washington Redskins.

5. San Diego 1960’s – 70’s

These power blue jerseys make you want to hang out on a California beach all day. Thrown in a lightning bolt for power, and you have a beautiful NFL retro jerseys.

The design and colour contrast of the powder blue and the yellow of the lightning bolt works really well and fans love them.

6. St. Louis Rams

Have you ever heard of “The Greatest Show on Turf?” That was the nickname of the St. Louis Rams from 1999-2001. Ironically, the last time the Rams wore these jerseys, they won the Super Bowl.

The yellow and blue jerseys were worn by the Rams from 1973 – 2000.

7. Houston Oilers 1980’s

Before they were the Tennessee Titans, they were the Houston Oilers. The Titans did bring back the Oilers jersey from the 1980s.

Fans love to wear the white jerseys to games because they are classic and timeless.

8. Philadelphia Eagles 1979

This Kelly green jersey is a good look for the team. It was also a year where the team finished 11-5 and made the playoffs. This look is a fan favourite for its clean and simple design. In fact, these jerseys are so popular, fans would like them to be permanent jerseys for the team.

9. Dallas Cowboys 1960-1966

As far as NFL retro jerseys go, this one is a winner. Not only is the design timeless, but the team was a winner during this era, too.

This retro jersey brings back the days when the team was first playing in the league and winning. With legendary coach Tom Landry at the helm, a winning culture was created that’s lasted a long time.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers 1934-1935

Yes, they look like bumblebees with the black and white stripes, but there’s something about them that makes them fun. In 1934, the team was called the Pirates and went 2-10.

This year was chosen by the franchise to model a jersey on because they wanted to remember the early days of American football.

Buy NFL Retro Jerseys

If you’re planning to watch American football and adopt a team to support, you need to watch in style. You can show support for your team by getting their retro jersey.

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