10 Pieces of Super Bowl Gear Every Fan Needs

What if a couple of key purchases let you throw the most unforgettable party ever?

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, then you know it’s important to have the best Super Bowl gear. And even if you’re just a fan, it’s good to have gear to remember the most important game of the year.

Keep reading to discover the ten pieces of Super Bowl gear every fan needs!

1. The Hat

The most essential piece of Super Bowl gear is the hat. What makes this gear so great is that you can use it throughout the entire year (and beyond).

On the most basic level, the hat shows your love of the game and can instantly let others know which team you are rooting for. It also provides protection from sunlight, which is good whether you are picking up party supplies or doing some old school tailgating.

Finally, the hat is a great reminder of the most memorable Super Bowl games. It’s a fun and functional way to carry these great memories for the rest of your life!

2. Stadium Bottle Opener

Most Super Bowl parties aren’t complete without the presence of some adult beverages. However, you’ll be up a creek without a paddle without a bottle opener!

You could just use any old bottle opener. But why not make it special with a Super Bowl theme?

stadium bottle opener helps remind you of the big game every time you open a cold brew. And it makes each bottle taste just as good as a winning play!

3. The Hoodie

Chances are that you already have a hoodie or two in your closet. And whether you use an old one or buy a new one, a hoodie is a bit of game gear you absolutely need!

This allows you to be comfortable and stylish in just about any setting. And you can choose thicker or thinner materials depending on how the weather is looking in your neck of the woods.

Whether you’re at the game itself or just huddled around a TV, be sure to rock a hoodie for the next big game.

4. Super Bowl Shirt

Need we say more? The hoodie and hat are only part of your game day ensemble. Things aren’t complete until you’re rocking the right t-shirt!

Functionally, the shirt is a lot like the hat. It lets you advertise which team you are pulling for while providing comfort and style.

You can wear the shirt long after the game, and many fans believe in “lucky” shirts that they wear year after year.

Whether you’re doing it for luck or just for comfort, don’t forget the Super Bowl t-shirt.

5. Playbook Shot Glasses

Maybe you’re skipping the beers or want to give your brew some extra kick. Either way, you need some playbook shot glasses!

These are exactly what they sound like: shot glasses with diagrams and labels of classic football plays.

Sports fans will enjoy these throughout the year. And the adventurous fans can create some drinking games with these glasses based on the plays their team runs.

6. A Cooler

Whether you’re going to a friend’s house or hosting your own party, a cooler (or two) is a vital part of your Super Bowl gear. This is because you or your friends may be bringing more drinks than the refrigerator can handle.

You can buy coolers at different sizes and price points depending on what your needs are. There are even coolers out there that can hold eighty-five bottles of beer.

Save yourself those trips to the fridge by keeping the cooler nearby as you watch the game.

7. Coozies

We’ve talked a lot about bottled drinks. However, you and your friends might also be enjoying some canned beverages. If so, you definitely need some coozies.

The coozie is a perfect sidekick to your cans. It helps protect your hand from the cold as you carry your frosty beverage around.

In turn, the coozie helps keep the beer frosty longer. This is convenient and lets you enjoy a drink longer instead of feeling like you must chug it while it’s cold.

8. Assorted Dips

Whether you’re a host or a guest, it’s good to stock up on food for the big game. And assorted dips are very tasty and very versatile for this purpose.

Things like salsa, cheese, and French onion dip go well with different kinds of chips and crackers. They let you provide a big selection of flavors and options at a relatively low cost.

9. Little Dipper Snack Bowls

As we mentioned, most of your food should be of the portable snack variety. And buying some Little Dipper Snack Bowls helps your guests be able to eat and watch the game at the same time.

These bowls allow your friends to get a little bit of their chosen dip and chosen chips or crackers and then plop down in front of the TV. This keeps your friends from double-dipping and just makes snacking more convenient.

10. Different Outdoors Games

You’ll want to have fun with your friends even when the game isn’t on. Whether you’re pre-gaming, celebrating, or just killing time during halftime, you’ll want to have different gaming options.

The classic option is to buy your own football for your friends to toss around. Or you can buy a “tailgate toss” game (sometimes referred to as “corn hole”) for added fun.

If you’re feeling cheeky, you can usually find punching bags representing the different teams that are playing. This lets you and your friends take out your aggression in a fun and safe way.

The Bottom Line on Super Bowl Gear

If you’re reading this, then you want to get the best gear for the best game. However, you may not know where to start.

At NFL UK, we have all of the gear you need in one convenient place. This lets you order your supplies and get back to planning for the big game.

To see how we can transform your Super Bowl experience, come check out our merchandise today.

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