10 Rules to Wearing Football Jerseys With Style

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10 Rules to Wearing a Jersey With Style

You’ve got a rockin’ jersey in your closet that you’re ready to show off to the world. Follow these 10 rules to wearing a jersey in style.

The commercial sports jersey may have started as a niche, custom-designed product advertised in the back of magazines, but it’s now a billion dollar industry. Everywhere you go, it seems like you’ll run into someone wearing a jersey, even during the off-season.

Jerseys are so popular that people wear them to represent teams that don’t even play in their country.

Whether you’re a sports lover or not, you might identify with a player, whether you love watching Cam Newton or support Colin Kaepernick. However, adding their jersey to your current style might be a little challenging.

If you don’t know how to make your jersey look good with the rest of your wardrobe, that cool jersey will just collect dust. Follow these 10 tips to ensure next time you go out wearing a jersey, you get the compliments you deserve.

1. No Personalized Jerseys

While it might seem cool to get a jersey with your own name on it, this one isn’t going to win you any points for coolness. It’ll likely just confuse people and get them googling your name and the sports team only to find out you’ve ordered a custom jersey for some reason.

Celebrate the team that you want to represent. Celebrate the players who make the game exciting for you. If you’re going to spend the money on a jersey, get something cool.

2. It Should Fit

While jerseys are designed to be worn by people who might be bigger than yourself, who are also wearing pads underneath, you should fit into your jersey. It’ll fit the rest of your outfit better and seem like a stylish choice.

The bottom line? Make sure you don’t look like a little kid wearing their parents’ clothes when you’re wearing a jersey.

3. To Tuck Or Not To Tuck

While you’re on the field, a loose jersey can get you dragged down to the ground and end your next play. Tucking your jersey in is actually part of the rules.

But if you’re not on the field, you don’t need to be tucking your jersey in. This is especially true if you’re wearing shorts with your jersey.

Let your jersey hang out. It’s a pretty casual piece of clothing, so don’t try forcing it to be more formal than it is.

4. Right Place, Right time

If you’re headed out to an interview, for a first date, or to meet someone for the first time, wearing a jersey is a weird decision. If it’s the most presentable, formal piece of clothing in your closet, you may have some shopping to do.

A jersey should be for more casual or relaxed situation. If you’re headed to a barbecue where you’ll be watching the game at, wearing a jersey is a great idea. If you’re headed out to the stadium, you should definitely throw on your jersey.

But if you’re going to meet your partner’s parents for the first time, unless it’s at the stadium, leave the jersey at home.

Headed out to get groceries on game day or running down to the bank before they close, go ahead and wear that jersey. Who knows where you’ll be headed after?

5. Either Throwback Or Don’t

There are only a handful of players in the history of any sport who hold that classic status of being able to wear a throwback. Most NFL jerseys don’t apply, as their styles haven’t changed as drastically as, say, a throwback Mickey Mantle jersey has.

If you’re rocking a faded old jersey from a player who retired just a couple of years ago, it’s probably time for an update. Unless you’re the worlds biggest fan, wearing a jersey of someone who isn’t on the team anymore might be a strange decision.

But sometimes, it’s game day, and that old jersey is the only one you have for that team. Think about preparing next time.

6. Don’t Mix Teams Up

Whether you’re headed to a game or out to the bar, be sure you’re wearing a jersey for a team that’s actually going to be playing. Wearing some random old jersey makes you look like a fly by night fan of the sport. Sports fans can be a territorial bunch so you could really start off on the wrong foot through this faux pas.

If two teams are playing and you’re wearing the jersey of some other team, they might even ask why you’re there. And they might be right to ask that too.

7. Just The Jersey Please

No matter how much of a fan you are, remember that you’re a spectator and not a player. Matching your jersey with a whole uniform, whether they’re football pants or basketball shorts, isn’t cool.

Keep it casual and don’t try to be a superfan 100% of the time. People will find you more approachable than the person who’s wearing a sweatband and matching bottoms, with their jersey tucked in.

8. Wear A Shirt Underneath

Depending on the weather, you should wear something fitted and clean underneath your jersey. A 3/4 sleeve shirt looks good on most people underneath a jersey.

If that’s too hot, you can opt for a plain cotton shirt, either black or white.

Basketball jerseys can sometimes work as tank tops in the summer, but in general, jerseys almost always look better with a plain shirt underneath.

9. Wear The Right Shoes

While you might think high heels, flip-flops, or sandals are the way to go with a jersey, they usually don’t fit the vibe. Boat shoes or clean looking sneakers are the way to go.

Skip out on the busted old running shoes or the professional office flats. Let your freshest kicks shine with your jersey.

10. Age Matters a Little

Every once in awhile you see a retiree wearing a jersey for a new member of the team. While this can be quite charming on women, it looks a little strange on men.

This is when it’s time to go with the throwback. If you’ve still got a jersey of your favorite player from 30 years ago, you look cool wearing it as a 70-year-old.

Wearing A Jersey Is Cool, So Relax

Take a relaxed approach to wearing your jersey. They’re coming into fashion again as part of street style. People are even wearing them with blazers and black leather boots now.

Fashion changes but your devotion to the game won’t so make sure you always look good in team colors. If you’re ready to find the right jersey for your next game day, check out our guide to find the hottest jerseys this season.

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