15 Crazy Football Facts That Most NFL Fans Do Not Know

15 Crazy Football Facts That Most NFL Fans Do Not Know

Are you a true NFL fan? Test your knowledge with these 15 crazy football facts that shock most hardcore NFL fans

How many football facts do you know?

Sunday Night Football alone is watched by more than 18 million people on average. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why football is one of the world’s biggest pastimes – even for people who don’t play it.

Knowing the rules of the game is one thing. But we bet you’ll be surprised by some of these crazy football facts. Ready to grow your love of the game even more? Then keep reading!

1. You Might Never Get Packers Season Tickets

The Green Bay Packers’ waiting list for season tickets has more than 80,000 people on it. This means that if you join the waiting list today, it’ll be about 1,000 years before you see a game. Yes, you read that right.

Less than 100 season ticket holders give up their spots each year, which is part of the reason it would take so long to get in.

2. The New England Patriots Almost Weren’t New England

The Patriots are the Yankees of football – a frequently-winning team with rabidly loyal fans. However, can you imagine if the New England Patriots were called the Bay State Patriots?

The team was originally called the Boston Patriots, but they moved around so much after joining the AFL that the name no longer fit. Billy Sullivan, who owned the team in 1971, proposed renaming them the Bay State Patriots when they finally settled in their Foxborough location.

However, they were only the Bay State Patriots for a month before the NFL changed it to the New England Patriots, a name that encompassed all the areas the team had traversed. Not only that, but the NFL didn’t approve of the abbreviation that Bay Stay Patriots would have used: the BS Patriots.

3. Footballs All Come From Wilson

The brand-name sports equipment brand Wilson has been the only source of NFL footballs since 1941. The brand now makes 4,000 balls a day to keep up with the demand.

The cowhides for footballs are sourced from Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. One cowhide can make as many as 10 footballs. Each football is made with a single lace in 16 lace holes. With just one company making the balls, it’s easy to keep things standardized.

4. Games Can Happen Every Day

Many people believe that pro football is only played on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. For the most part, they’re right. But league games have actually happened on every other night at least once, too. Games have been moved from their regular days for everything from severe weather to presidential nomination acceptance speeches.

5. Trophies Aren’t Cheap

Each Superbowl trophy costs $25,000. However, that’s minor money compared to the amounts that star players make per game.

6. The First Televised Game Was in 1939

It wasn’t long after television was popularized that the first game was put on TV. For that 1939 television debut, 500 people tuned in – a far cry from the millions who watch today’s games.

7. Canton, Ohio is an Important Location

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is found in Canton, OH for a reason.

Between 1921 and 1923, the Canton Bulldogs played 25 winning games in a row. The Canton Hall of Fame location is an homage to the team.

8. Football Takes About 11 Minutes

Football involves a lot of stopping the clock, but the actual play time is incredibly short. If you remove everything else, the amount of time spent playing on the field is only about 11 minutes.

9. A Coin Toss is the Ultimate Tiebreaker

In the unlikely event that each one of the 256 games in the regular season ended in a 7-to-7 tie, the NFL would use a coin toss to determine the playoffs. The NFL really has planned ahead for every possible outcome!

10. The Cardinals Are Older Than Arizona Itself

In 1898, the Cardinals became a team, and in 1912, Arizona became a state.

11. Brett Favre’s First Pass Was To Himself

The first time Favre completed a pass, it was to himself, with a loss of seven yards. This is not to be confused with his first attempted pass, which resulted in a touchdown on the other team’s side.

12. The First Superbowls Weren’t Superbowls

The term “Superbowl” didn’t really become attached to the NFL-AFL championship game until the third one.

13. Winning Streaks Happen

Some people think the Miami Dolphins are the only team that’s ever made it through the regular season undefeated. However, a couple of teams also snagged this accomplishment before and after the Dolphins did in 1972.

The first undefeated season belonged to the 1934 Chicago Bears, followed by the Bears again in 1942. And in 2007, the New England Patriots did it again.

The confusion comes from the postseason. The Dolphins in 1972 not only made it through the regular season without a defeat, but the postseason as well – unlike these other teams.

14. Losing Streaks Happen Too

In addition to undefeated seasons, the football league has also seen some teams with winless seasons.

In fact, six teams have had a winless season since 1944. As recently as 2008, the Detroit Lions made it through a whole season without a win.

Losing streaks can even outlast a season. The longest losing streak ever was 26 games, lost by the 1976-1977 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

15. Scandals Can Get Interesting

Football has seen its fair share of scandals, as all sports have. But some of its scandals are more surprising than others.

One of the most interesting ones was when James Brooks, a former NFL player, revealed himself to be illiterate during court proceedings. Although he’d graduated from college, he stated that he hadn’t been required to actually go to class, so he graduated without learning to read.

What Will You Do With These Football Facts?

Football has seen many fascinating changes, events, and yes, scandals, over the decades. This has left us with some excellent football facts that you can use to impress your friends on the next game day.

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