The 8 Best-Selling American Football Jerseys in the UK

Buy These 8 Athlete Jerseys at an NFL Store in Europe

Want to buy an American football jersey at an NFL store in Europe? These 8 football players have the best-selling jerseys in the UK!


The NFL Draft is just a few weeks away and many NFL fans are hoping to see their team draft the next superstar in the making. Marketability is a key element of being an NFL superstar and having a well-known jersey is a key factor.

With three games in October, you should head to an NFL store in Europe to grab a new jersey!

Keep reading to find the top-selling jerseys in the UK for 2017.

Odell Beckham Jr, Wide Receiver — New York Giants

Since being drafted in the first round out of LSU in 2014 NFL Draft, OBJ has arguably been one of the most dominant players in the NFL. He quickly turned the Giants offense around as a rookie, hauling in over 90 catches and 12 touchdowns.

His dynamic play on the field, along with his personality off it, make him one of the most popular players the league has seen since the turn of the century.

A fractured left ankle cut short his 2017 season, but it won’t be a surprise to see Beckham return to form and be a top-selling jersey at an NFL store in Europe once again.

Tom Brady, Quarterback — New England Patriots

The greatest quarterback of all time also has one of the hottest jerseys in the NFL every year. After completing the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, (28-3 if you don’t remember), it was no surprise to see Tom Brady again near the top of the list. You can’t go into an NFL store in Europe without seeing his #12 on full display.

Brady led the Patriots to another AFC Title, and went to his third Super Bowl in 4 seasons. As the owner of the top-selling jersey in Europe, he might be able to reach number 1 in the UK if he puts up another MVP-caliber season.

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback — Green Bay Packers

Another Super Bowl-winning quarterback near the top of the list? We all know that the QB is the most important position in sports, and even with the team dealing with postseason struggles, Rodgers is still one of the most popular players in the UK.

His ability to make remarkable plays in big moments has become normal. A broken collarbone derailed most of his 2017 campaign, and with major changes in the division, Rodgers should have a bounce-back year and contend for MVP honors.

Look for the talented QB to stay in the top 3 of biggest jersey sales at an NFL store in Europe.

Russell Wilson, Quarterback — Seattle Seahawks

Are you noticing a trend here? Outside of Tom Brady, it can be argued that Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history not drafted in the first round.

After a thorough dismantling of the Broncos in Super Bowl 48, Wilson led the Seahawks to another appearance in the big game a year later, falling a play short against Brady’s Patriots.

Wilson has been one of the most dynamic offensive players in the league and if the Seahawks can build a serviceable offensive line around him, they should be able to get back into the playoffs and you may see Wilson rise a few spots up the rankings.

Rob Gronkowski, Tight End — New England Patriots

Is Gronk’s popularity based on his carefree attitude? Or his ability to dominate on the field? Gronk is easily one of the most recognizable personalities in the NFL. His trademark spike after scoring a touchdown has become a mainstream hit, and he has done it in a number of commercials.

Outside of his “I don’t care” attitude is a football player so great at his position it isn’t a stretch to think he will go down as one of the top 3 tight ends in NFL history if he only plays a few more seasons.

Injuries can always slow down a player’s momentum, but I don’t see Gronk losing a spot on this list as he should play at his current level for at least 5 more seasons.

Carson Wentz, Quarterback — Philadelphia Eagles

Although a torn ACL kept him out of the Eagles Super Bowl run, Wentz was clearly the leader in the clubhouse for the NFL MVP award. After being drafted #2 overall out of North Dakota State in the 2016 draft, Wentz has lived up to the hype.

His recovery from the injury will be the storyline in 2018, and with Nick Foles performing great in the postseason, the Eagles won’t have to rush Wentz back.

Will that hurt his jersey sales in NFL stores in Europe? Probably not as there are more Eagles fan proud to show off their team after winning the big game. Wentz should crack the top 4 next year.

Jay Ajayi, Running Back — Philadelphia Eagles

Seeing teammates go back to back is very surprising, considering that Ajayi as acquired before the trade deadline from the Miami Dolphins.

The workhorse back didn’t put up the same numbers during the regular as he did in Miami, but he is clearly the go-to back in crunch time for Philadelphia.

If Ajayi can put up good numbers for the second year in a row, the talented back should have no problem getting back into the top 8.

Richard Sherman, Cornerback — Seattle Seahawks

The NFL playing games in Europe has always been about expanding the league, but casual fans don’t want to see boring 10-7 contests. Richard Sherman rounding out the top 8 says a lot about his personality on and off the field.

Known as one of the best trash talkers in the NFL, Sherman is clearly one of the top jersey sellers at any NFL store in Europe.

The Seahawks corner is always coming off of a ruptured Achilles injury, and if he can return by training camp, the leader of the Legion of Boom should be one of the top-selling jerseys in the UK again this year.

Find Top-Selling Jerseys in an NFL Store in Europe

So looking back at this list it’s no surprise to see OBJ at the top. 3 Super Bowl winning QB’s following behind him is also no surprise. The big shocker on the list is that only one defensive player was named, and it wasn’t J.J. Watt.

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