Why Everyone’s Talking about NFL Colour Rush Jerseys

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Why Everyone’s Talking about NFL Colour Rush Jerseys

Have you heard of the new NFL Colour Rush jerseys? The new colour scheme and design has everyone in the football world buzzing. Read on to learn more.

In an organization referred to as the “No Fun League,” it’s bright coloured uniforms that have everyone talking.

The NFL debuted “Colour Rush” in 2015 as a way to pump lifeblood into its Thursday Night Football product. This started with eight teams, each touting monochromatic uniforms with vibrant colours.

Its initial success prompted the NFL to expand this experience to all 32 teams starting in 2016. For a league rich in tradition and often lacking in creativity, the change was drastic.

And created quite a buzz.

Football purists rolled over in their grave. The younger generation spread Colour Rush around social media like wild fire. Here’s how it happened.

Colour Rush Has Taken the NFL by Storm


Tradition. A word most commonly associated with American football. And for good reason. Football is more than a sport. For many, it’s a lifestyle.

The most iconic football uniforms have changed very little if at all. Think the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s tradition.

However, change is inevitable.

In a league known more for its rules and officiating than entertainment value, something had to be done.

That something came in the form of innovative new uniforms. Teams would wear all one color during the ratings deprived Thursday night games.

The NFL threw a Hail Mary. Millennials had adopted Thursday Night Football and were the largest audience both at home and the stadium. This would be the new target.

In theory, this wasn’t a bad idea. Twitter had just started streaming these games and allowed a live comment stream. The goal? A reaction.

The NFL would release the designs one week prior to the games.The strategic play created excitement. Fans knew the schedule.

Their team played in two Thursdays.

What would they look like? Were the rumors true?

Good or bad people couldn’t wait to share their thoughts with friends. Everyone thought they knew.

Next came the level of exclusivity. Just 8 teams were given colour rush uniforms in 2015. 24 did not. 24 fan bases left wondering if maybe next year they might get new uniforms.

In 2016 all 32 NFL teams received them.

That will get them talking.


Ah, the ketchup and mustard game.

The NFL pitting red against yellow incited a social media fire no hose could put out. Most importantly, it got people talking. The soon dubbed “Condiment Bowl” was the #1 trend on Twitter.

That’s always a good thing.

More publicity good or bad means more eyes and more traction. Could this have been deliberate? This is what Thursday Night Football needed.

For games lacking in effort or skill due to harsh travel schedules, Colour Rush spiced things up.

An unforeseen setback occurred in the same season when the Buffalo Bills took on the New York Jets. These teams wore red and green, respectively. The NFL had not planned on color blindness coming into play. This story again was all people could talk about. This problem was corrected in 2016 when all-white uniforms were used in these situations.

Controversy creates intrigue. What was the NFL going to do next? And condiment game aside, those jerseys were quality and would proceed to fly off shelves.

Mission accomplished.

Get yours.


When Nike became the official uniform provider of the NFL in 2012, big things were coming.

The sporting giant known for its innovative fits and designs would completely overhaul NFL uniforms.

These changes gave athletes a wider range of motion and cut down on weight. It also brought Colour Rush.

Unique uniform choices have called the University of Oregon home since the turn of the century. As Nike’s flagship, they gained national attention for their bold and sometimes eye opening designs and colors.

The wide selection and bright colors were a hit with the younger audience.

Nike took its success from the college level and brought it to the pros. Its contract allowed for risks to be taken and Thursday nights would be its canvas.

New price tags and retail options added a level of exclusivity to the Nike product furthering the allure of Colour Rush.

Giving Back

It can be easy to believe the NFL pumped out new merchandise to line their own pockets. But these uniforms have people talking because of the profit share.

It turns out, 100% of the proceeds of colour rush jersey sales go to charity. That’s right these sales are funding health and wellness programs for children across the US. Not to be outdone by the first $500,000 going directly to communities damaged by flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This money will repair damaged football fields and equipment.

How’s that for a conversation starter.

In an age where about every action has an ulterior motive, the NFL stands tall. Colour rush will illuminate the lives of so many.

Paying Homage

The best uniforms honor the past while looking toward the future.

The New York Giants, New England Patriots, and Denver Broncos received unique colour rush uniforms.

These uniforms incorporated throwback designs, resulting in some of the most beautiful of the bunch. From the classic Patriots shoulder stripes to the throwback helmet decals of the Broncos and Giants. These designs stood out and restored faith in this new direction.

Paying homage to the rich history of such storied franchises is a great move by Nike and the NFL. Being able to capitalize on former stars and nostalgia between generations pushes history forward.

American football is reaching a global audience. Moves like these foster a deeper connection to what has carried this game for so long in the US.

A global brand requires attention. Continuing to maintain the status quo will leave the NFL the domestic success it has always had. But a willingness to push the envelope and connect to fan bases across the world helps the game and its players.

The UK is a hot bed for American football fans, each year more and more games are held across the UK extending the NFL’s reach to new heights.

Click here to learn more about the British American Football Association. Keep the conversation going.

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