Everything You Need To Know About The New Tennessee Titans Uniform

The New Tennessee Titans Uniform

The Titans have unveiled a new uniform for their 20th anniversary in Nashville. Here is everything you need to know about the new Tennessee Titans uniform.

There are a lot of things that have changed for the Tennessee Titans franchise over the course of the last 20 years. They’ve changed head coaches, quarterbacks, and even the name of their stadium in Nashville.

One thing that hasn’t changed over, however, is the Tennessee Titans uniform. The Titans have played in the same uniform since undergoing a makeover in 1999, a few years after the team relocated from Texas where they spent almost four decades playing as the Houston Oilers.

But now that, too, is going to change. In April, the team announced there will be a new Titans uniform made by Nike for the 2018-19 NFL season.

Titans fans will have to wait a few more months before they’re able to see the new Titans uniform in person. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the things that make it so unique.

Start With the Tennessee Titans Uniform Helmet

For years now, Titans players have been wearing a mostly white helmet with the Titans logo on it as part of their Tennessee Titans uniform.

The Titans have scrapped that look completely and gone with a brand new helmet for the upcoming season. The new helmet will feature a navy blue shell that includes a sharp satin finish.

The team has also added a chrome facemask to the mix and topped it all off with a silver stripe that runs down the middle of the helmet. It’s meant to look like the tip of a sword in the front.

The traditional Titans logo is still firmly in place and probably isn’t going to be going anywhere any time soon. But the makeover the helmet received otherwise is going to be welcomed by Titans fans who will finally watch their team play in something that looks totally different compared to other teams’ helmets.

Check Out the Home Jersey

The Titans have worn a navy blue home jersey for a while now, but the new Tennessee Titans uniform looks noticeably different compared to the old one.

The old home jersey had Columbia blue yokes on it across the shoulders that were meant to contrast the navy blue on the rest of the jersey. The new home jersey does away with the Columbia blue and utilizes a grayish silver color instead.

Additionally, the shoulder yokes on the new Tennessee Titans uniform are meant to represent the end of a sword and continue the sword theme that Nike used to create the new uniforms.

Outside of the new yokes, the new home jersey also uses a new font for the numbers on all of the jerseys. It’s a Greek lettering that appears as though it’s been carved into stone. It’s a nice touch that, again, sets the Titans uniforms apart from all of the other NFL uniforms that are out there.

Nike also added one other small detail to the new Titans uniform that won’t go unnoticed by fans. Since the Columbia blue yokes are no longer on the uniforms, the Columbia blue color has been relocated to the side panels. It seems to be paying homage to the old Titans uniform while bringing the look of the new one forward.

The Road Jersey Is Pretty Amazing, Too

The Titans’ new road jersey looks a lot like the Titans’ new home jersey. The only major difference is that the majority of the jersey is white as opposed to navy blue.

This allows for the grayish silver shoulder yokes to pop a little bit more. It also allows for the Columbia blue side panels to blend in with the entire color scheme a bit more effectively.

This Tennessee Titans uniform will really stand out when the team pairs it with their new navy blue pants (more on those later!).

There Is Even an Alternate Jersey

NFL fans, both inside and outside of Tennessee, have flocked towards the Titans’ Columbia blue jersey for years because of the pop of color it provides. Nike has capitalized off that by keeping the Columbia blue around on the team’s two main jerseys.

They’ve also done it by creating an alternate jersey that looks like the home and road Tennessee Titans uniform except that it has Columbia blue as the main color.

The Titans will wear their alternate jerseys twice every year. And if history has taught us anything, it’s that it won’t be long before people are salivating over the chance to own the Columbia blue alternate jersey.

Don’t Forget About the Pants

Nike replaced Reebok as the NFL’s official uniform supplier in 2012. Since then, they’ve experimented with the designs for different NFL teams’ uniform pants and seem to enjoy incorporating diagonal piping to pants.

Nike has done this with the uniform pants for the Buccaneers and Jaguars before, and now they’ve done it for the Titans as well.

The new Tennessee Titans uniform will include a couple of diagonal gray stripes on the sides of the pants that are meant to symbolize a sword that is being worn on each player’s hip.

Nike has really gone above and beyond with the sword motif, and it appears as though it has paid off.

The Traditional Socks Complete the New Look

Somewhat surprisingly, Nike chose not to work any sword designs into the socks that will be worn as part of the new Tennessee Titans uniform. It looks like they thought people would get the point once they got down to the socks.

Instead, Nike has come up with a pretty straightforward design for the Titans’ new sock. They will feature navy blue and white and will complement the rest of the uniform nicely.

Overall, the Titans uniform received a major upgrade in almost every department this spring from Nike. It should pay off in a big way when the team starts taking the field again in the fall.

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