British American Football Association


For anyone looking to play american football in the UK, or interested in watching any of the national league games you can get involved with our partner the British American Football Association.

With extensive league games played through out the year there is plenty of opportunity to catch a game and become part of the game over here, this is as close as you will come to the NFL in the UK. With stiff competition within the league, the level of play is very good and is comparable on a European level.

The British American Football Association also boasts  over 50 senior teams, playing across 3 divisions.
The league has produced several NFL players and also has celebrity Vernon Kay playing as safety for the London Warriors in the premier division.

We will shortly be offering UK team Jerseys, if you have any interest please email us @ for more information.

 We also would like to Congratulate the London Blitz on being the current holders of the Boston Trophy By winning the BritBowl for the 4th consecutive year!

The London Blitz are also the current winner of the EFAF cup trophy at a European Level.