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NFL Jerseys have changed a lot over the years…….

National Football League Jerseys & uniforms have changed a lot since the league was founded in 1920.

Of todays 32 teams, each team is diversely enriched with history & division rivalries which shape todays league. This history directly affects how each team looks today.

There has been a lot of change with each individual team, almost every logo in the league has undergone change all though some of it has been very small changes which have been hardly noticable.

Team Colours for the NFL jerseys have not always been the same, one to mention is NY jets used to play in a Blue jersey

Due to the high popularity of throwback jerseys in all Major Sports starting with Major League Baseball, major sports Branding started as of 1991 issueing the sale of uniforms from previous years, the companies behind the release of throwback jerseys is Tiedman & Formby Vintage athletic Co. Mitchell & Ness and Ebbets field Flannels.

You can see to the left here is an image of the current Green Bay packers playing in Vintage Throwback Jerseys.

There is barely any comparison to todays uniform, the colour scheme is different, the circular shape over the number is not used in todays uniform.

However the NFL Shield is still shown in the same place, take note once Nike had taken over the uniforms in 2012 from Reebok the NFL neck shield was replaced with a rubber more sharp shield than the embroidered one which is on the Reebok jerseys.

there is also notice no stripe on the sleeve

Reebok was the exclusive kit provider for the NFL from 2002-12, Nike has now taken over this role from the 2012-13 Season, the NFL Jerseys which Nike has produced have given some profound changes in terms of sizing & fitting and design of the kits. Nike have done extensive marketing for the jerseys & merchandise under the Fast is Faster Campaign. This marks a new era for the league

As this page is specifically for a European Audience we have taken the time to explain how teams choose player numbers and which players you will see wearing a certain number.

1-19: Quarterbacks, Placekickers & Punters, Tom Brady wears player number 12
10-19 & 80-89: Wide Receivers, Jerry Rice who wore #80 is regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers
20-49: Running Backs & Defensive Backs, Arian Foster wears #23
50-79: Offensive Linesmen
50-59, 90-99 & 40-49 if all the other numbers are taken: Linebackers
50-79 & 90-99: Defensive Linesmen
80-89, 40-49: Tight Ends

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