Ranking NFL Teams Based on Super Bowl Stats

Every NFL season starts with one question on every fan’s mind: Who’s going to win the Super Bowl this year?

The idea that the answer might be “My team” is tantalizing enough to keep fans going back for more every autumn.

One way to predict the future is to look at the past, which means the beginning of the season is an ideal time to rank NFL teams by how many Super Bowls they’ve won.

Keep reading to find out where your favorite team lands in the list of Super Bowl winners.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Who has won the most Super Bowls? That honor belongs to Steel Town. The Steelers’ first win was in 1975, and the most recent win came in 2009.

That’s an impressive feat by itself, but even more impressive is the fact that two quarterbacks are responsible for all six wins. Terry Bradshaw led the team to four titles between 1975 and 1980.

More than twenty years later, in 2006, Ben Roethlisberger became the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. He was 23 at the time. He and the Steelers followed that up with another win in the 2009 edition of the NFL’s title game.

The Steelers have a 6-2 record in the Super Bowl, including a loss in their most recent appearance, which was in 2011 against the Green Bay Packers.

2. New England Patriots

With five wins, the Patriots are a part of a three-way tie for second place. Their ability to remain so good for so long is what vaults them into the second spot.

The Patriots have also appeared in the Super Bowl 10 times, which is more than any of the other NFL teams can say.

Every one of their titles has been won in the last twenty years, starting in 2003 and ending (for now) in 2017. Tom Brady has been the quarterback for each win, and he’s still playing at age 41.

3. Dallas Cowboys

The boys in blue have won five Super Bowl titles in eight appearances. The team won its first and second titles in the 70s, with the third, fourth, and fifth titles coming in the 90s.

In the 90s, the Cowboys won three titles in four years, an impressive feat that made them the most dominant team of the decade.

The game has not been nearly as kind to “America’s Team” in recent years, though. They haven’t so much as made it to the conference championship since 1996.

Despite that, the Cowboys still have the highest financial value of any sports team in the world, and you can go just about anywhere in the world and find someone wearing Cowboys apparel.

4. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have appeared in the Super Bowl six times and won it five. They first became Super Bowl winners in 1982, and their most recent championship was in 1995.

A 5-1 record in the championship is noteworthy on its own, but until recently, the 49ers were undefeated in the title game. Their most recent appearance in 2012 was also their first and only loss.

That loss came against the Baltimore Ravens. In a cruel twist of fate, then-49ers coach Jim Harbaugh lost to a team coached by brother Jim Harbaugh.

The game was dubbed the Harbaugh Bowl, and it remains the only time two brothers have coached against each other on the game’s biggest stage.

5. New York Giants

The Giants have four Super Bowl wins, as does the next team on the list, but they get the tiebreaker because their most famous win came against one of the best regular season teams of all time.

The G-Men’s third title came in 2008 against the Patriots.

New England came into the game heavily favored because well, they hadn’t lost a game all season.

Thanks to the famous “helmet catch” and one of the most suspenseful Super Bowls in history, quarterback Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants handed the Patriots their first loss. The two teams met for a rematch in the 2012 Super Bowl, and the Giants came away with their fourth title.

6. Green Bay Packers

In the late 1960s, the Green Bay Packers were responsible for winning Super Bowls 1 and 2, before the term “Super Bowl” was even the official name of the title game.

Like the Giants, the Packers have won four titles in five appearances. Unlike the Giants, they’ve done so as a small market team.

In fact, Green Bay, Wisconsin, is the NFL’s smallest city.

7-9. Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins

We’ve reached the point in the rankings where it becomes harder to break ties, so the Broncos, Raiders, and Redskins get bunched together with three wins each.

The Broncos won titles in 1998 and 1999. The second win allowed quarterback John Elway to retire as a Super Bowl champion. Peyton Manning did the same thing after quarterbacking the Broncos to a win in Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

The Raiders won one title in the 70s and two in the 80s. Each of those titles helped then-owner Al Davis live up to his motto of “Just win, baby.”

The Redskins haven’t had much success lately, but in 1988, they won their second title in a come-from-behind victory that also marked the first time a black quarterback (Doug Williams) started and won the Super Bowl.

10-12. Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens

The Dolphins, Colts, and Ravens have all captured two titles each.

In 1973, the Dolphins made it to Super Bowl 7 without losing a single game all season. When they defeated the Redskins, they made history as the first (and thus far only) team to complete a perfect season.

13-20: Eight Teams

Are you a fan of the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Then congratulations on liking a team that’s won a single title.

One win isn’t enough for a dynasty, but it’s a lot better than the teams who have never lifted the Lombardi Trophy.

Dishonorable Mentions

When ranking Super Bowl wins by team, there are some who are unranked because they’ve never reached the pinnacle.

The Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers can say they’ve played in the Super Bowl at least once.

There are four teams who can’t even lay claim to that. Feel especially sorry for fans of the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

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