Super Bowl Winners List: A Look at Each Winning Team

The 2017 Super Bowl attracted over 100 million viewers. Every year, the Super Bowl is far and away the most watched sporting event on television.

But if you want to keep track of the results of the actual games, you’ll need a Super Bowl winners list to ensure that you can remember which team won in which year.

Read on for a list of winners of the Super Bowl each year, beginning with Super Bowl I in 1967.

Super Bowl I – 1967 – Green Bay Packers def. Kansas City Chiefs

In the first ever Super Bowl, Packers legend Bart Starr led his team to a 35-10 win at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Super Bowl II – 1968 – Green Bay Packers def. Oakland Raiders

Quarterback Bart Starr again dominated the competition, winning his second straight Super Bowl MVP and helping his team pull away with a 33-14 victory.

Super Bowl III – 1969 – New York Jets def. Baltimore Colts

This game was the first to officially be played under the “Super Bowl” name. Jets quarterback Joe Namath famously guaranteed his team would win. He followed through by leading his team to a 16-7 victory and winning MVP.

Super Bowl IV – 1970 – Kansas City Chiefs def. Minnesota Vikings

The heavily favored Vikings lost stunningly to the Chiefs, thanks to Kansas City quarterback Len Dawson.

Super Bowl V – 1971 – Baltimore Colts def. Dallas Cowboys

The Colts managed to hold on for a 16-13 victory despite losing their starting quarterback Johnny Unitas. Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley won MVP. To this day, Super Bowl V is the only Super Bowl in which a member of the losing team won MVP.

Super Bowl VI – 1972 – Dallas Cowboys def. Miami Dolphins

Thanks to the strong play of Cowboys Quarterback Roger Staubach, Dallas dominated the Dolphins, cruising to victory 24-3.

Super Bowl VII – 1973 – Miami Dolphins def. Washington Redskins

The Dolphins had their revenge the next year, beating Washington 14-7 to claim their first Super Bowl title.

Super Bowl VIII – 1974 – Miami Dolphins def. Minnesota Vikings

Miami would repeat as champions in 1974, winning Super Bowl VIII handily thanks in part to MVP running back Larry Csonka, who racked up 145 yards on 33 carries.

Super Bowl IX – 1975 – Pittsburgh Steelers def. Minnesota Vikings

Hall of fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw combined with Pittsburgh’s “Steel Curtain” defense were too much for the Vikings – the Steelers won 16-6.

Super Bowl X – 1976 – Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys

Terry Bradshaw again helped the Steelers win this game, a close one with a final score of 21-17.

Super Bowl XI – 1977 – Oakland Raiders def. Minnesota Vikings

The Raiders, coached by future Hall of Famer John Madden, dominated the Vikings 32-14.

Super Bowl XII – 1978 – Dallas Cowboys def. Denver Broncos

Roger Staubach led the Cowboys to victory 27-10. This game was the only time when two players were awarded MVP.

Super Bowl XIII – 1979 – Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys

Terry Bradshaw again led the Steelers to a Super Bowl win, their third in five years. They beat Dallas 35-31.

Super Bowl XIV – 1980 – Pittsburgh Steelers def. Los Angeles Rams

Pittsburgh continued their dominance into the 1980s, beating the Rams 31-19.

Super Bowl XV – 1981 – Oakland Raiders def. Philadelphia Eagles

The Raiders bested the Eagles 27-10 with help from quarterback Jim Plunkett, who threw two touchdown passes and was named MVP.

Super Bowl XVI – 1982 – San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals

Quarterback Joe Montana helped his 49ers edge out the Bengals with a 26-21 victory.

Super Bowl XVII – 1983 – Washington Redskins def. Miami Dolphins

Redskins legend John Riggins won MVP with 166 yards and a rushing touchdown, as Washington beat Miami 27-17.

Super Bowl XVIII – 1984 – Los Angeles Raiders def. Washington Redskins

The Raiders stomped the Redskins 38-9, setting the record for most points scored in a Super Bowl by an AFC team.

Super Bowl XIX – 1985 – San Francisco 49ers def. Miami Dolphins

In a battle between legendary quarterbacks Joe Montana and Dan Marino, Montana’s 49ers came out on top, winning 38-16.

Super Bowl XX – 1986 – Chicago Bears def. New England Patriots

In the first Super Bowl appearance for either team, the Bears dominated the Patriots 46-10.

Super Bowl XXI – 1987 – New York Giants def. Denver Broncos

Guided to victory by Quarterback Phil Simms, the Giants won their first title since 1956.

Super Bowl XXII – 1988 – Washington Redskins def. Denver Broncos

Though the Broncos had star quarterback John Elway on their side, the Redskins prevailed, winning 42-10.

Super Bowl XXIII – 1989 – San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals

Wide receiver Jerry Rice scored a touchdown and racked up over 200 yards receiving as the 49ers beat Cincinnati 20-16.

Super Bowl XXIV – 1990 – San Francisco 49ers def. Denver Broncos

Stars Jerry Rice and Joe Montana were too much for Denver. The 49ers crushed the Broncos 55-10.

Super Bowl XXV – 1991 – New York Giants def. Buffalo Bills

The Giants barely edged out the Bills for their second Super Bowl, winning 20-19.

Super Bowl XXVI – 1992 – Washington Redskins def. Buffalo Bills

The Redskins cruised to victory 37-24; QB Mark Rypien won MVP.

Super Bowl XXVII – 1993 – Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills

Troy Aikman led the Cowboys to their third Super Bowl victory, with a final score of 52-17.

Super Bowl XXVIII – 1994 – Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills

The Cowboys again won the Super Bowl easily against the same opponent, beating the Bills 30-13.

Super Bowl XXIX – 1995 – San Francisco 49ers def. San Diego Chargers

Steve Young burst onto the scene at the biggest stage, helping the 49ers win 49-26.

Super Bowl XXX – 1996 – Dallas Cowboys def. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Cowboys won their third Super Bowl in four years thanks to quarterback Troy Aikman and running back Emmitt Smith. The final score was 27-17 Dallas.

Super Bowl XXXI – 1997 – Green Bay Packers def. New England Patriots

Gunslinger Brett Favre helped the Packers win 35-21 over the Patriots.

Super Bowl XXXII – 1998 – Denver Broncos def. Green Bay Packers

Terrell Davis and John Elway powered the Broncos’ offense to a 31-24 victory.

Super Bowl XXXIII – 1999 – Denver Broncos def. Atlanta Falcons

The Broncos repeated as champions thanks to Elway throwing over 333 yards. After the Broncos’ 34-19 victory, Elway announced his retirement.

Super Bowl XXXIV – 2000 – St. Louis Rams def. Tennessee Titans

Kurt Warner helped the Rams secure a 23-16 victory over Tennessee.

Super Bowl XXXV – 2001 – Baltimore Ravens def. New York Giants

Legendary Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis won MVP and led his team to a 34-7 win.

Super Bowl XXXVI – 2002 – New England Patriots def. St. Louis Rams

Quarterback Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl, defeating the Rams 20-17.

Super Bowl XXXVII – 2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Oakland Raiders

Tampa’s strong defense helped stifle the Raiders. The Bucs won easily, 48-21.

Super Bowl XXXVIII – 2004 – NewEngland Patriots def. Carolina Panthers

Another strong Brady performance helped the Patriots win 32-29, though this game is better known for its controversial “wardrobe malfunction” during the halftime show.

Super Bowl XXXIX – 2005 – New England Patriots def. Philadelphia Eagles

The Patriots continued their mid-2000s dominance, beating Donovan McNabb and the Eagles 24-21.

Super Bowl XL – 2006 – Pittsburgh Steelers def. Seattle Seahawks

The Steelers won their first Super Bowl since the 1970s, winning 21-10 thanks to running back Willie Parker and Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Super Bowl XLI – 2007 – Indianapolis Colts def. Chicago Bears

Colts legend Peyton Manning won his first Super Bowl 29-17.

Super Bowl XLII – 2008 – New York Giants def. New England Patriots

The Giants stunned the dominant Patriots, winning 17-14 in part thanks to wide receiver David Tyree’s famous “helmet catch.”

Super Bowl XLIII – 2009 – Pittsburgh Steelers def. Arizona Cardinals

Roethlisberger and receiver Santonio Holmes helped the Steelers win their second Super Bowl in two years, winning 27-23.

Super Bowl XLIV – 2010 – New Orleans Saints def. Indianapolis Colts

The Saints were victorious 31-17 in their first Super Bowl appearance, thanks to quarterback Drew Brees’ MVP performance.

Super Bowl XLV – 2011 – Green Bay Packers def. Pittsburgh Steelers

Aaron Rodgers threw for 304 yards and 3 touchdowns as the Packers beat the Steelers 31-25.

Super Bowl XLVI – 2012 – New York Giants def. New England Patriots

The Giants again shocked the Patriots, winning 21-17 on the back of their quarterback, Eli Manning.

Super Bowl XLVII – 2013 – Baltimore Ravens def. San Francisco 49ers

Linebacker Ray Lewis and Quarterback Joe Flacco helped the Ravens win 34-31, despite a power outage that stopped play for over half an hour.

Super Bowl XLVIII – 2014 – Seattle Seahawks def. Denver Broncos

The Seahawks’ dominant defense shut down outstanding QB Peyton Manning, crushing the Broncos 43-8.

Super Bowl XLIX – 2015 – New England Patriots def. Seattle Seahawks

In a great game, Tom Brady and cornerback Malcolm Butler helped the Patriots win 28-24.

Super Bowl 50 – 2016 – Denver Broncos def. Carolina Panthers

The Broncos defense was too much for Cam Newton and the Panthers. Denver won 24-10.

Super Bowl LI – 2017 – New England Patriots def. Atlanta Falcons

In a historic comeback, Tom Brady helped the Patriots win 34-28 in overtime against the Falcons.

Super Bowl LII – 2018 – Philadelphia Eagles def. New England Patriots

Backup quarterback Nick Foles helped the Eagles defeat the overwhelmingly favored Patriots, leading Philadelphia to their first Super Bowl title with a final score of 41-33.

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